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Luizinha S.G Caldas

Director Company

VANOV TECHNOLOGY UNIPESSOAL LDA is a local, flexible company which delivers ICT Business Solutions. Our focus is to contribute to the success and achievement of our customer and clients unique business challenges and objectives using technology as a key enabler to provide innovative techniques leading to high quality and cost effective services.

We are a Timorese company with the flexibility; agility and decisiveness to help you better secure your business through ICT innovation.

VANOV TECHNOLOGY UNIPESSOAL LDA was formed in Dili in 2000. Through a combination of an experienced Management Team, a strong partnership philosophy, highly skilled staff and a client-oriented flexible approach, we have grown to be an established, profitable, publicly-listed Timorese Managed ICT Services company with over 5 staff.

We assist over than 4 clients, in both the private and public sector, to achieve strategic and operational goals through the provision of professional technology consultation and support. Our success is based on the corporate culture of working with clients to develop and implement innovative technology solutions that not only address specific business challenges but also take into consideration future business objectives.

Our Vision

To be considered a Timorese Icon in business and technology solutions.

Our Mission

To establish long term, flexible relationships with our clients and partners by continually delivering outstanding business value, a real alternative to the multinationals.

Our Objectives

  • To be valued as a strategic business partner and trusted advisor by our clients.
  • To deliver quality business and technology outcomes in a consistent, responsive and decisive manner.
  • To attract, develop, empower and retain highly skilled and resourceful staff.
  • To implement industry recognized standards, achieve appropriate external certifications and to continually improve the effectiveness and efficiency of our business processes.
  • To benefit staff, clients and shareholders by operating an expanding and financially viable business.

This commitment to excellence is the responsibility of all VANOV TECHNOLOGY UNIPESSOAL LDA members.