Vanov Timor Leste Database Management

VANOV TECHNOLOGY UNIPESSOAL LDA utilize a combination of our highly skilled DBAs, our finely tuned database administration procedures and our automated monitoring and management capabilities to provide a high quality, cost effective database administration service.

We have been providing specialist Database Administration support since 2000. We are well aware of the skills, capabilities, tools, processes, and the day-to-day service requirements needed to deliver a comprehensive DBA service.

The day-to-day DBA activities include daily monitoring of the systems for actual and potential incidents, problem resolution, database tuning, capacity monitoring and reporting, availability and trend analysis and providing support for the Disaster Recovery Plan and testing.

The other major activities of this area are concerned with installing software upgrades and patch management. These can be driven by a specific business need, or as part of a regular program of maintenance.

In addition to these database-specific functions, VT’s Database Administrators have the necessary skills and experience to provide technical advice, patch management and guidance for application development staff. This is a standard service our DBAs provide to our clients.

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