Vanov timor Leste Network management

VANOV TECHNOLOGY UNIPESSOAL LDA provides the full range of network management services.

Data network management includes installation, configuration and support of both the WAN and LAN environments throughout the head office and regional sites across the state.

We also provide network design, capacity, performance, asset and project management and resourcing across the Data and voice networks.

VANOV TECHNOLOGY UNIPESSOAL LDA have plan to develop a common set of network metrics i.e. router CPU, memory, interface utilisation, interface errors, etc, to be monitored and managed. Further metrics can be included to the customer’s requirement. This data will be continually monitored and included in trending reports, which will form part of the Network Capacity Planning and Service Delivery process.

VANOV TECHNOLOGY UNIPESSOAL LDA are planning utilize Network Node Manager (NNM). NNM is part of our National Service Centre solution and will provide:

    • Availability and performance monitoring of network objects;
    • Events, faults, threshold violations and log errors forwarded to VANOV TECHNOLOGY UNIPESSOAL LDA support personnel via e-mail or SMS messages;
    • Automated corrective actions; and
    • Root Cause Analysis
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