Vanov Timor Leste desktop service

VANOV TECHNOLOGY has extensive experience in delivering Desktop equipment installation and configuration services. This includes all aspects of hardware and software configuration, installation, connectivity, commissioning and testing.

We have the expertise in all aspects of the desktop lifecycle including Asset Management, Disposal and Refresh (Cascade). Delivery of these services is a combination of automated and manual processes whilst leveraging the use of management tools.

The major services are :

    • Technical Architecture and Solution Design over the entire environment;
    • Acquisition, Supply & Support of all Desktop infrastructure & software including the disposal of all aged equipment as agreed with the client;
    • Configuration and management of the entire client fleet of desktop & peripheral equipment;
    • Standard Operation Environment (SOE) design, redesign, administration & deployment to all sites metropolitan & regional;
    • Messaging Support via Microsoft Collaboration Suite, Lotus notes, Exchange and GroupWise;
    • 24×7 Service Desk services for all desktop & peripheral equipment issues with full fault logging and solution management; and
    • Specialized support for Executive facilities (eg Laptops, PDAs, mobile computing).
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