Vanov Timor Leste Service and Delivery Management

VT’s standard service delivery model, methodology and associated standard processes combine VT’ s depth and breadth of experience in the ICT service industry with ICT best practice. VANOV TECHNOLOGY UNIPESSOAL LDA understands that each of our customers’ business needs and requirements differ. Therefore VT’s delivery capability is uniquely designed to unite customer requirements with industry best practice.

Our approach to the delivery of a comprehensive Managed Service has necessitated an innovative approach to team structures based on the ICT Service Management processes that we utilize rather than the more traditional “technology silo” based structures of the past.

We are planning to invest over $40 thousand dollars in our first investment for running some important project, including software, hardware and implementation effort, so that we can provide a total service management solution for our clients. Our strategy is based on complementing a client’s existing capabilities with the added functionality of our business services (rather than completely replacing existing toolsets without considering their value), in order to provide the most cost effective and flexible solution.

Our Service Management processes are based on the ICT Infrastructure Library’s (ITIL) best practices framework and are designed to provide our clients with a business focused IT service.

VT’s Service Management Methodology (SMM) is an ITIL compliant process driven methodology designed to ensure best practice Service Delivery. The SMM provides the framework for the delivery of infrastructure and application support projects in a Managed Services environment.

With the knowledge gained from delivering managed services to multiple customers, the framework has been designed to leverage “best practice” across a range of different managed services engagements (of different sizes, structures , and complexities) , whilst being flexible enough to meet the specific needs of each of our customers.

One of the key differentiators of the VANOV TECHNOLOGY UNIPESSOAL LDA SMM is that it supports s the entire end- to-end lifecycle of a managed service from both a management and operational perspective. Whilst component s such as ITIL form an integral part of our framework, ITIL alone is not enough to ensure a successful outcome.

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